Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon

The F-16 is a single-engine, very maneuverable, supersonic, multi-role tactical fighter aircraft.

The F-16 was designed to be a cost-effective combat "workhorse" that can perform various kinds of missions and maintain around-the-clock readiness.

It is much smaller and lighter than its predecessors, but uses advanced aerodynamics and avionics, including the first use of a relaxed static stability/fly-by-wire (RSS/FBW) flight control system, to achieve enhanced maneuver performance.

Highly nimble, the F-16 can pull 9-g maneuvers and can reach a maximum speed of over Mach 2.

General characteristics

Crew: 1

Length: 49 ft 5 in (15.06 m)

Wingspan: 32 ft 8 in (9.96 m)

Height: 16 ft (4.88 m)

Wing area: 300 ft² (27.87 m²)

Empty weight: 18,900 lb (8,570 kg)

Loaded weight: 26,500 lb (12,000 kg)

Max. takeoff weight: 42,300 lb (19,200 kg)

Powerplant: 1 × F110-GE-100 afterburning turbofan Dry thrust: 17,155 lbf (76.3 Template:Newton (unit))

Thrust with afterburner: 28,600 lbf (127 kN)

Maximum speed:

At sea level: Mach 1.2 (915 mph, 1,470 km/h)[51]

At altitude: Mach 2+ (1,500 mph, 2,410 km/h[1]) clean configuration