Airbus SAS, formerly Airbus Industrie, is an aircraft manufacturer that was established in 1970 in a partnership between Aérospatiale (France) and Deutsche Aerospace.

The Spanish Construcciones Aeronáuticas (CASA) joined the consortium in 1971. British Aerospace was also a participant in the consortium between 1979 and 2006.

The purpose of the cooperation was to provide a counterbalance to the American competitors.

Airbus is a subsidiary of the European aerospace group Airbus Group and the company produces about half of all jet aircraft in the world.


The Boeing Company, commonly abbreviated to Boeing, is an American aerospace company founded by William Edward Boeing.

Its headquarters are located in Chicago at the Boeing International Headquarters.

Boeing is the world's largest producer of aircraft by revenue and second in the number of aircraft delivered.

Boeing is also the largest producer of military products.


Embraer is a Brazilian aircraft manufacturer. It makes commercial aircraft, private jets and military aircraft. The head office is located in São José dos Campos in the state of São Paulo. Embraer's commercial aircraft have a capacity of up to 150 passengers. Embraer has about 30% of the market for this type of small airliner.

In 2017, the company delivered 101 commercial jets and 109 business jets. In this year, Embraer generated sales of R$18.7 billion. The share of commercial aircraft in the total turnover was about 60%, about a quarter of private jets and the rest was military related. North America is the most important sales market, where more than 50% of the turnover was achieved. The revenue share of Europe and Brazil was equal at just over 10%.